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When can you overtake on the left?
When the vehicle in front of you is turning right / When you intend to turn left / When in heavy traffic, the vehicles in the right hand lane are moving more slowly.

At a junction of equal importance, to whom would you give way?
Traffic on the right and traffic already moving.

At a stop sign that has no white line, where would you stop?
At the stop sign.

What position would you take up for a right turn in a one-way street?
The extreme right hand lane

How would you turn right on a major road?
Mirror and signal and then move into the right hand lane when clear. Keep left of the centre of the road. When safe to do so, complete your turn. Never cut the corner and always give way to pedestrians.

How would you know a zebra crossing at night?
By the flashing yellow beacons.

What does the island in the centre of a pedestrian crossing mean?
Each side of the island is a separate crossing.

What restrictions are there in relation to the use of the horn?
It must not be used between the hours of 11:30pm and 7:00am in a built up area, except in an emergency.

When driving at night, when would you dip your headlights?
When meeting on coming traffic / when following close behind another vehicle / on continuously lit roads / at the beginning and end of lighting up hours / in fog or snow / to avoid inconvenience to other road users.

What should you do if dazzled by the lights of an oncoming car?
Slow down and stop if necessary.

What is a clearway?
A portion of road where stopping and parking is prohibited (except by buses or taxis) for the period indicated by the sign.

What does (i) a broken yellow line mean, (ii) a single yellow line mean?
It means (i) the edge of the road (ii) it means no parking at certain times.

What is the legal parking distance from the kerb?
18 inches.

How close to a junction can you park?
15 feet

Where can you not park?
Near a bend / the brow of a hill / a hump back bridge / at a continuous white line / where your vehicle would obstruct a sign / at an entrance / at a bus stop / opposite another vehicle on a narrow road / at a taxi rank.

Where should you not overtake?
At a bend / the brow of a hill / a hump back bridge / at a continuous white line / where your view of on-coming traffic is restricted.

What is a safe distance to drive from the car in front of you?
Allow one metre for each k.p.h – double this if the surface is wet!!!

If you saw a red triangle on the roadside, what would it mean?
That there is an obstruction on the road ahead.

What is the sequence of the traffic lights?

At a junction when traffic lights are not working, to whom would you give the right of way?
Traffic on the right.

What does a green light mean?
Go, provided the way is clear

What does an amber light mean?
Stop, unless you are too close to stop safely.

Name three people in authority for whom you must stop?
A Garda / School warden / A person in charge of animals.

At the no-entry-end of a one-way street what road markings would you see?
A continuous white line with a broken line behind it.

When can you cross a continuous white line?
To avoid an obstruction.

What does (i) a continuous white line mean (ii) a broken white line mean?
(i) you must not cross it (ii) you may cross it if it is safe to do so.

What rules apply to a yellow box junction?
You must not enter unless your exit path is clear. The only time may stop is if you are turning right , provided you do not cause an obstruction.

At traffic lights, what does a flashing amber light mean?
Yield right of way to pedestrians.

What is ‘Aquaplaning’?
It occurs when tyres are gliding on a thin film of water as opposed to gripping the road surface, and can be caused by a combination of a very wet surface, poor tyre treads, and high speed.

Describe warning signs, ie colour, shape, content.
Warning signs are upright, yellow in colour and diamond shaped.

Who may not use motorways?
Holders of provisional licenses / vehicles with an engine capacity of 50 c.c or less / vehicles incapable of a speed of at least 50 km/h / tracked vehicles / pedestrians / animals.

What is the minimum tyre tread depth?

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